THE END OF THE BORDER       (of the mind)       by Stefano Cagol

Barents Art Triennale 2012/2014

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The project THE END OF THE BORDER (of the mind) by Stefano Cagol, artist invited to the Barents Art Triennale 2012-2014, is a one month and 10.000 Km travel / expedition from the Alps to the Arctic through Europe until its extreme boundaries tracing evocative horizontal lines of light in the sky able to symbolically cross borders. 

Powerful and unexpected lines of light
clear the result of mental boundaries, cross physical borders. To identify and underline borders and their fate.
In an emotional look at geography, an affront to the sedimentation of history and political divisions and disputed lines.In fact enlightening the end means to declare the death of borders, but means also to go till the corner of a border still living.
Stefano Cagol scans and crosses borders and the result of borders from south to north of Europe, from the limit of Mediterranean culture to the limit of European culture, from the Alps beyond the Arctic Circle, from a vertical landscape to a horizontal one, from the presence of human intervention to its absence, from a harsh alpine nature tamed by man to a territory in which the polar extreme nature still has the upper hand.
So the trip is extremely symbolical, even an inner journey, a psychological process, a mental path to the end of limits. In fact the expedition is at the same time evident, iper visible, spread out, but intimate. In fact the artist acts everything by himself: driving, starting the beacon, shooting. Just an assistant joins, while during his previous expedition above the Arctic Circle in 2009 he was totally alone.

Rewind: Stefano Cagol already realized an expedition over the Arctic Circle in 2009-2010 as artist in residence by Bar International of Pikene på Broen.

He was in Kirkenes during winter, when there is the last light of the day before the absolute night. He walked in the fjords in complete solitude, accompanied just by the tripod and the video camera. In this condition, in the raw and desolate winter landscape he acted alone with rescue flares, beacons, flames, horns, acting "attempts of communication on the border." In particular the video work Evoke Provoke (the Border), born from this expedition, has been presented at Barents Spektakel and in the solo show CONCILIO, collateral event at the 54 Venice Art Biennale in 2011.

THE END OF THE BORDER (of the mind) . LA FINE DEL CONFINE (della mente) March 5 - April 12, 2013. A project by Stefano Cagol, invited artist at the Barents Art Triennale, Kirkenes, Norway.
a powerful line of light brought symbolically along a trip/expedition of 10.000 Km from Dolomites to Arctic, over Polar Circle on the 70th parallel of latitude, until the extreme border of Europe with Russia going until (and beyond) the limit of the border... physical and mental border...
scanning, tempting, crossing
giving the cue to a map / diary, video and photo artworks, a documentary film

INVOLVED INSTITUTIONS: Barents Art Triennale: Kirkenes, Norvegia . Pikene på Broen: Kirkenes, Norway . Dolomiti Contemporanee: Casso, Italy . IIC Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo   .